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All hunters (including under 16, over 65, and handicap) applying for a WMA draw hunt must possess a CURRENT VALID WMA PERMIT, LIFETIME HUNTING LICENSE or a YOUTH EXEMPT LICENSE to apply for a WMA Draw Hunt.
If you need to purchase or renew your license click here.

After purchasing or renewing your license you must wait 24 hours until you can apply for WMA Draw Hunts.
This is to assure your license information is updated in the WMA Draw Hunt database.

Deer and Turkey Draw Hunt Stats 2020-2021
The following summary of WMA draw hunts for the recent 2020-2021 hunting season, has been compiled using actual numbers of applicants and actual hunting opportunities available for the current (2020-2021) hunting season. These numbers are representative of draw hunt participation for this season, only. Future WMA draw hunt activity will be dependent on actual number of applicants and the total number of available draw hunt opportunities which are determined on a year-to-year basis by Wildlife Bureau biologists based upon numerous factors including but not limited to the geography and topography of a given WMA, available food sources or mast crop production, available water, available cover, observed herd density, and other carrying capacity factors which impact habitat and wildlife management decisions.

Application PeriodsApplication Status
Deer - August 1st to August 31st
Canemount WMA - August 1st to August 31st
Turkey - January 15th to February 15th
Early Teal - August 1st to August 15th
Rabbit - August 1st to October 15th
Youth Dove - August 1st to August 15th

Waterfowl Application Periods
All Draws: Oct. 1 - Oct. 15

To apply for a hunt click on the link below in the Accepting Applications section - See dates to the left for application periods.
Accepting ApplicationsCompleted (CURRENT) Drawings
There are no drawings open for application at this time.